How 40 European E-commerce Websites Handle Forms on Mobile

I won’t surprise if we tell you that European e-commerce market is hot and that a mobile-friendly website is a key to success in that field. Last year, approximately 296 million online shoppers spent over 455 billion euros. And 16.5% of that money was spent on small-screens.

You may think it’s just 16%, but the pace at which the share of mobile grows is quite shocking. Argos, the UK retail giant, reported that on the Black Friday morning, they received 700 000 visits per hour and just 20% of that were desktop visits.

This is a strong signal for all of us working in web design to revisit how we handle one of the biggest hurdles for mobile users – the forms. A recent study by UseItBetter, a company behind Form Analytics, can be of great help in that task. You can check out the full study here or continue reading what we found the most interesting.

Why are good, optimized registration forms so important?

In e-commerce, UX elements and micro interactions are not there just to create a beautiful experience for the user. How these elements and interactions function, and how well they function, will impact conversions and sale.

Every failure of a form to perform efficiently for the user means money lost. Every successful signup, especially when it is easily accomplished, brings a sale. And a happy customer, who is likely to come back for more.

There is no checklist to follow that spells out the best practices for creating a signup form, nor is there is a cookie-cutter approach to creating an ideal form. The format and content of these forms are usually defined in accordance with the business practices of the shop owners.

Designing a registration form involves a negotiation. On one side is the customer, who is looking for a form that is easy and not time-consuming to fill out. On the other side is the business, which needs some basic data, and in some cases, has a need or desire for additional data that can be used to personalize a user’s experience on the website.